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Silver drachm of Ardaxsir, King of Persis PARTHIAN SILVER DRACHM OF MITHRADATES II, REIGNED 121-91 BC

Parthian Empire, Mithradates II, reigned 121-91 BC, silver drachm,
Diameter: 19 mm.; Weight: 4.25 grams

Obverse: Diademed and draped bust of Mithradates II left, wearing tiara decorated with star.

Reverse: Archer (Arsakes I [founder of the dynasty]) seated right on throne, holding bow.

Very fine condition.

Ex American private collection.

Reference: D. Sellwood. An Introduction to the Coinage of Parthia. 2nd edition. London. 1980. No. 28.5.


The Parthian Empire ruled ancient Persia from 247 BC to AD 228 after the defeat of the Seleukid Empire at the hands of Arsakes I, the first Parthian shahanshah or ‘King of Kings.’ The Parthian Empire served as an important counterbalance to the Roman hegemony in the West during this time and at its height, the Empire stretched from Asia Minor in the west to modern day Iraq in the east. The Parthian Empire eventually collapsed and was superseded by the Sasanian Empire - thus continuing the long and illustrious history of Persia.

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