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Etruscan bronze cista foot: the nude winged sun god, Usil,  ETRUSCAN BRONZE CISTA FOOT: THE NUDE WINGED SUN GOD, USIL

With soft pointed shoes with wings, skimming over the crests of waves; all above a lion’s paw foot. Rare and choice.

Early 5th Century BC

H. 3 3/4 in. (9.1 cm.)

Ex James Loeb collection, Munich; Albert Hartog collection, NY, from Royal-Athena in the 1960s; J.M.E. collection, NY, acquired at Bonham’s, London, September 1998

Exhibited: Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ for “The Etruscans: Legacy of a Lost Civilization,” 1993.

Cf. similar example in Getty Museum, Handbook, p. 128. His knees are bent in the position known as Knielauf - an archaic way of representing rapid movement. Cf. a similar figure in the Getty Museum (96.AC.127), Handbook, p. 132. A comparable figure on an antefix from Temple B at Pyrgi has been plausibly identified as Util.



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