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Egyptian red glass inlay: lion-headed COBRA EGYPTIAN RED GLASS INLAY: LION-HEADED COBRA

(Agathos Daimon). The serpentine body ends in double coils. Rare type.

Ptolemaic Period, 4th-2nd Century BC

H. 1 3/16 in. (3.1 cm.)

Ex ‘Per-neb’ collection of Achille Groppi, Cairo, acquired 1920's-40's in Egypt; S.K. collection, Troy, Michigan, acquired from Royal-Athena in November 1994.

Published, J. Eisenberg, Egyptian Art in Miniature (1994), no. 77.

On loan to Ball State Univ. Art Gallery; George Mason Univ.; Fitchburg Art Gallery, 1995-2015.


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