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Jerome M. Eisenberg, Ph.D., the founder and director of Royal-Athena Galleries, is usually at the New York gallery and visits the London gallery several times each year. He is available by appointment for consultation, expertise, and appraisals; or for a telephone conference. At no obligation we will arrange a private viewing with guidance on a sophisticated long term program of collecting and investing in the fine arts.

Over the past 60 years we have sold more than 800 works of ancient art to many of the country's leading museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Sackler Art Museum at Harvard University, the Yale University Art Gallery, the Princeton University Art Museum, the Newark Museum, the Walters Art Gallery, the Detroit lnstitute of Arts, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the J. Paul Getty Museum. In addition to the British Museum and the Louvre, we have sold ancient works of art to the Benaki Museum (Athens), the Egyptian Museum (Barcelona), the Musée du Cinquantenaire (Brussels), the Museum of Fine Arts (Budapest), the Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Cologne), the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden), the Museo Archeológico Nacional (Madrid), the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto), the Papyrus Museum (Vienna), and a number of other museums in Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. The new Mougins Museum of Classical Art in Mougins, France, has acquired nearly 200 antiquities from us. The catalogs of classical marble sculptures from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and from the J. Paul Getty Museum illustrate no less than 39 pieces acquired from our galleries. In addition, over one thousand objects purchased from us have been donated to many other museums, including the Freer Gallery of Art, the Sackler Gallery (The Smithsonian Institution), and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Dr Eisenberg travels overseas several times annually to visit collectors, museums, clients, and many of the nearly 150 private sources, agents, dealers, and auction houses with whom he is in frequent contact. Since 1954, he has made over 260 overseas trips, purchasing many thousands of works of art for tens of millions of dollars.

This aggressive purchasing policy, perhaps without parallel in the field, enables us to offer an extraordinary number of choice objects at very reasonable prices. Our willingness to buy in volume and to purchase our inventory outright, rather than to take it on consignment, results in extremely competitive pricing, often considerably below that of other galleries.

Furthermore, exchanges and purchases are frequently made from many past and present clients who may be upgrading their collections or liquidating some of their holdings in order to collect in other areas. Exchanges or purchases are sometimes carried out with museums both in the United States and in Europe for their duplicate accessions or for objects not in their recent or current fields of specialization.

Expertise and Ethics

Ancient art has been the specialty of our director for some 60 years, and numismatics for 73 years. His many publications on ancient art and numismatics span over five decades. The first volume of Art of the Ancient World by Dr. Eisenberg was published in 1965. Since 1968 Dr. Eisenberg has concentrated on expertise in the ancient arts, having lectured on this subject at New York University and presented several scholarly papers at the annual meetings of the Archaeological Institute of America, most recently on the ‘Roman’ Rubens Vase. His wide range of expertise is further revealed through other recent papers: on Egyptian bronzes at a Congress of the International Association of Egyptologists, on Etruscan bronze forgeries at an International Bronze Congress, on the ‘Greek’ Boston and Ludovisi thrones at the Magna Graecia Symposium in Venice, on Roman bronze forgeries at the 1999 International Bronze Congress, and on the Portland Vase as a Renaissance work of art at the 2003 International Congress of Classical Archaeology. He chaired a conference in London on the Phaistos Disk in 2008.

In 1996 he was a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Leipzig, Germany. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society in 1952; a member of the Archaeological Institute of America in 1960 (and a Life Member in 1988); a Patron of the American Numismatic Society in 1955 (and a Life Associate in 1998); a Fellow for Life of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1966; and most recently, a Benefactor of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and an Honorary Fellow of the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr Eisenberg has appeared as an Expert in the Courts of several states and has conducted appraisals for the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Treasury Department, the U.S. Customs Service, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum, as well as m any other prominent institutions. He was elected a Qualified Appraiser by the Appraisers Association of America in 1964 and has recently participated in several episodes of the Antiques Road Show. He has served on the vetting committee of the European Fine Art Fair at Maastricht from 1993 to 2001. Dr. Eisenberg was the Chairman and co-organizer of the New York Antiquarian International Fine Art Fair, held from November 30th through December 4th, 2001.

Dr Eisenberg has been a leader for several years in the promotion of the ethical acquisition of antiquities by museums and collectors and has delivered papers on this subject at the Archaeology Section of the U.K. Institute for Conservation in 1993 and at the 1998 International Congress of Classical Archaeologists. He was invited to give an address on the international trade in antiquities at the UNIDROIT Convention in Rome in 1993. He organized two symposia in New York in 1994 on public policy and the movement of antiquities and in 1998 on the acquisition of antiquities by museums for the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art, of which he is a founding member and was a member of the executive board from 1993 to 2002.

In September 1999 he presented testimony to the United States Cultural Properties Committee on the legal and illegal trade in ancient art in Italy. In May 2003 he was a featured speaker and panel participant in the U.S. Government Conference on Stolen Mideast Antiquities in Washington, D.C. Recently he has been featured on the European TV channel Arte and on BBC Radio's File on Four in in-depth interviews on the antiquities trade.

In the past several years he appeared on television on CBS News, Dateline NBC, PBS Jim Lehrer News Hour and CBC Television (Canada), and was interviewed on the BBC and PBR Radio, and in print in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, The Times, and a dozen other publications.

In 2004 he was featured on a Discovery Channel program and on Fox News on the antiquities trade. In April 2004 he presented a paper on 'The Mesopotamian Antiquities Trade and the Looting of the Iraq Museum' to the American Bar Association. In 2005 he was twice interviewed at length on the antiquities market and the collecting of antiquities on National Public Radio in the US and on National Public Television in Athens, Greece. In 2006 he again appeared on Greek television featuring his exhibition at the European Fine Art Fair at Maastricht.

In 2007 he delivered a paper on 'Perspectives on the Antiquities Trade and the Collector: Past, Present, and Future' at the symposium 'The Future of the Global Past' at Yale University. He was interviewed in depth for his expertise on Greek television in 2008 and on Artfinding in 2009.

In June 2012 Dr. Eisenberg was awarded the title of officiale in the Order of the Star of Italy by the President of the Republic of Italy for having provided a meaningful contribution to the prestige of Italy in his many publications on Etruscan and Roman art.

Ancient Coins

We carry a fine stock of select Greek silver and bronze coins from $100; Roman gold, silver, and bronze coins from $100; and Byzantine gold and bronze coins from $100. We began our business as ‘Royal Coin Company’ in January 1942, 73 years ago, and Dr Eisenberg, co-founder of the firm, has specialized in ancient coins, as sole proprietor, since 1952.


Minerva, the bi-monthly, profusely illustrated international review of ancient art, archaeology, and numismatics, published in England, was established by Dr Eisenberg, its publisher and editor-in-chief, from 1990-2009.

Royal-Athena Catalogues Available

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. IV, 1985) - Illustrates in full color over 600 works of art. 208 pages, 192 color plates: $30 ($40 overseas airmail)

• The Age of Cleopatra: The Art of Late Dynastic Graeco-Roman Egypt (1988) -Illustrates in full color 151 selected works of art. (32 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Gods and Mortals: Bronzes of the Ancient World (1989) - Illustrates in full color 180 objects. (52 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• One Thousand Years of Ancient Greek Vases from Greece, Etruria, & Southern Italy (1990) - Illustrates in full color 186 vases. (48 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. VIII, 1995) - Illustrates in full color 244 objects. (48 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. IX, 1997) - Illustrates in full color 264 objects. (64 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. X, 1999) - Illustrates in full color 264 objects. (64 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XI, 2000) - Illustrates in full color 167 objects. (64 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XII, 2001) - Illustrates in full color over 400 objects. (144 pages, $20 - overseas $30)

• Art of the Ancient World - 60th Anniversary Edition (Vol. XIII, 2002) - Illustrates in full color 203 objects. (83 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XIV, 2003) - Illustrates in full color 225 objects. (81 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XV, 2004) - Illustrates in full color 190 objects. (72 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

Special Catalog Group B:
All 12 of our earlier catalogs
from Volume IV (1985) to Volume XV (2004)
(total list price $160), only $100

(add $75 for overseas mail)

A number of the objects in the following catalogs are still available. Price lists will be included.

• Gods and Mortals II: Bronzes of the Ancient World (2004) - Illustrates in full color 85 objects. (80 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Ancient Arms, Armor, and Images of Warfare (2004) - Illustrates in full color 100 objects. (48 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XVI, 2005) - Illustrates in full color 192 objects. (80 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Mythologies of the Classical World & Ancient Egypt (2006) - (48 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XVII, 2006) - Illustrates in full color 233 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XVIII, 2007) - Illustrates in full color 259 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XIX, 2008) - Illustrates in full color 222 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XX, 2009) - Illustrates in full color 217 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XXI, 2010) - Illustrates in full color 252 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• One Thousand Years of Ancient Greek Vases II (2010) - Illustrates in full color 195 vases. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XXII, 2011) - Illustrates in full color 207 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XXIII, 2012) - Illustrates in full color 251 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XXIV, 2013) - Illustrates in full color 246 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XXV, 2014) - Illustrates in full color 220 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XXVI, 2015) - Illustrates in full color 272 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

• Art of the Ancient World (Vol. XXVII, 2016) - Illustrates in full color 219 objects. (96 pages, $10 - overseas $15)

Special Catalog Group A:
All 16 of our catalogs
from Gods and Mortals II (2004) to Volume XXVII (2017)
(total list price $170), only $100

(add $75 for overseas mail)

Telephone orders for our catalogs may be charged to your credit card. Write, telephone or e-mail to place your name without charge on our mailing list to receive our latest illustrated and priced complimentary brochures, announcements of new catalogues, and invitations to previews of our exhibitions.

Trade lnquiries

We cordially invite inquiries from fellow art dealers, art consultants, architects, interior designers, and institutional collectors and investors.

We can supply special presentations with further information, condition reports, and 4 x 6 in. or 8 x10 in. color photographs, often with other views or close-ups, on any of the objects illustrated in this site upon request.

Our photographic files include hundreds of different color photographs of the better works of art in our inventory.

Conservation and Mounting Services

Expert conservation and restoration of ancient art and antiquities is done on our premises in New York. Small metal and wood mountings and bases are custom made but due to insurance restrictions this work is usually limited to objects purchased from us. We are pleased to accept trade accounts.


New York:

Jerome M. Eisenberg, Ph.D. Director
Rick Novakovich Associate Director & Manager
Alan J. Eisenberg Associate Director
Ramon Perez Gallery Photographer
Suzanne George Office Manager
Betty W. Eisenberg Comptroller


Anthony Law Administrator
Peter Clayton, F.S.A. Consultant

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All items are offered subject to prior sale. All prices are subject to change without notice, however, the current prices are valid through 2018. The following credit cards are honored: American Express, Visa, Mastercard. A deferred payment plan is also available. New York residents must add the appropriate sales taxes (currently 8.875%). No cash refunds may be made after 10 days of receipt; however, full credit is allowed on all objects purchased from our galleries with the exception of a few consigned items. All shipping and insurance charges will be billed to the purchaser. Title remains with Royal-Athena Galleries until payment is made in full. If you wish to purchase items posted on this site or from any of our catalogues please contact us.

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