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There are several reasons for collecting fine works of ancient art:

• The excitement of owning a beautiful work of art that has survived for perhaps some 2,000 years or more.

• The decoration of one's home or office with unique objects whose beauty and desirability have withstood the test of time.

• The probable appreciation in value.

• The creative satisfaction, enjoyment and pride of forming a truly fine collection.

In Town & Country, Helen-Louise Seggerman writes how "remarkable is the short time it has taken for collecting ancient art to go from a relative backwater to the forefront of collecting." Joy DeWeese-Wehen notes in the Antique Monthly that "In the last few years antiquities have become a major interest among serious collectors..." and that "Some of America's most important decorators have discovered the dramatic impact of a white marble torso, a Roman bronze or an Egyptian bas-relief in an otherwise contemporary setting."

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